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CardHolder API’s

Change Card Status – Function 004

Change Card PIN – Function 005

Deposit to Card Number – Function 007

Message Response Lookup – Function 008

View Statement Details by Card Number – Function 010

Validate PIN – Function 012

Set Card PIN – Function 022

Get Card Status – Function 023

Get Card Account Balance – Function 024

Cardholder Fees – Function 030

Adjustment – Function 031

Card Linking – Function 032

Card Inquiry – Function 033

Cash Out – Function 034

Card to Card Transfer – Function 035

Update Cardholder – Function 036

PIN Reset – Function 037

PIN Request – Function PINRequest

View Statement Details by Account Number – Function 039

Unlock Bad PIN Tries – Function 040

Set Condition Check for Existing Cardholder – Function SetCondCheck

Manage MCC Blocks – Function MCCBlock

Set Cardholder Level Limit – Function CardLimit

Get Configurable Card Limits – Function GetCardLimits

OFAC Check – Function 056

View Statement Details by Card Number (V2) – Function 070

3DS Enrolment Control – Function THREEDS

3DS Whitelist Management – Function Manage3DSWhitelist

Card Risk Level API Calls

Update Card Risk Level – Function = UpdateRiskLevel

Get Card Risk Level – Function = GetRiskLevel

Instant Card Issue – Function = InstantCardIssue

Specialized Financial Transactions

Validate Cardholder Verification Data – Function ValidateCVV2

Get Dynamic CVV (CVV3) – Function GetCVV3

General Web APIs

Change Password – ChangePswd

Message Heart Beat – Function 025

Wallet API Functions

Create Wallet for Existing Cardholder – Function CreateCardholderWallet

Create Wallet Multi-Currency Card Purse – Function CreateCardPurse

Retrieve Card Purse Identification from Wallet – Function GetCardPurses

Multi-currency Card Purse to Purse Transfer – Function PurseFundsTransfer

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OFAC Check – Function 056

Function 056 is to check the client’s request against the OFAC database. This function will primarily be used for checking against OFAC database before cardholder account is created. OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions based on US foreign policy. The Office of Foreign Assets Control’s primary goal is to monitor national security against targeted foreign countries, terrorists, international narcotics traffickers, and countries, persons or entities involved directly or indirectly with WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction). Clients will thus be able to know if their customer seeking cardholder benefits belongs to an OFAC watch list.

Parameter Number Description
P1 Name of the Person to be searched
P2 Street address of the person to be searched
P3 City
P4 Country
P5 Score Threshold assigned for the search. Higher
threshold returns in a closer match (Recommended
Value = 80)
P6 Maximum results that you want to be returned (Recommended Value
= 5)
P7 If set to 1111 will search all lists. 1000 means to
search only OFAC terrorists (Recommended Value
= 1111)

Response XML:

Element Name Description
Name Name of the match found
ID Unique ID for the person
Street Street where the person matched lives at
City City where the person matched lives at
State State where the person matched lives at
Country Country where person lives
Score Score that the person is assigned. Higher score means the closer the match
DateEntered Date this person was entered.
Note: p1 errnumber will be “0000” when a match is found.
If no document object could be found, p1 errnumber will be set to “0001” and the p1 errdescription will be set to “Unable to obtain a Document object.”
Otherwise, p1 errnumber will be set to “1000”, if there are no matches found.
Example: Response XML if match found
<?xml version=”1.0″ ?>
<api func=”056″>
<p1 errnumber=”0000″ errdescription=”” />
<OFACSearchDetails RecCnt=”2″>
<Name>MENDEZ SALAZAR, John Jairo</Name>
<Street>Calle 1 No. 56-109 Casa 32</Street>
<State />
<Name>MENDEZ SALAZAR, John Jairo</Name>
<Street>Carrera 42 No. 5B-81</Street>
<State />
Example: Response XML if match NOT found
<?xml version=”1.0″ ?>
<api func=”056″>
<p1 errnumber=”1000″ errdescription=”NO MATCH FOUND” />