Client Interfaces

We offer range of services which allow clients to manage and control their programmes. Those services are configurable providing flexibility to the client.



Our powerful and scalable platform ensures security of your product and speed to market
Secure Platform
The system was built to support growth of your business providing flexibility and scalability
Agile Set of APIs
Full suite of APIs offers easy access to design, execute and manage your programme
PCI DSS Compliant
We are audited on annual basis to comply with Payment Card Industries Data Security Standards
Data at your Fingertips
Real time data access allows to manage your programme information and control customer accounts
Online shopping security
3D Secure

Authentication tools to protect users while shopping online are complaint with the latest SCA standards. Using 3D Secure allows to reduce fraud by asking customer for additional verification when transacting online.


Customer identification checks are a legal requirement for all accounts whether consumer and corporate. This step is an important Anti Money Laundering process. Clients are welcome to use their own solution to verify their program, but DPG can also offer configurable services to manage this service through our partner network by directly contracting with them.

PEPs & Sanctions

Regular screening of customer details against sanction and PEP lists must be performed as part of AML requirements. Our solution allows clients to connect this module to their products. Screening takes place on application, change of details and on weekly basis. Those generate alerts and notifications to confirm user identity.

CMS Portal

Admin Portal which allows clients to manage their customers. The portal can be fully white-labelled, and tailor-made functionality can easily be made available based on what a given program requires.

Transaction Monitoring
Fraud Tools

Real time rule-based card transactions anti-fraud system which triggers alerts and allows to customize instructions based on customer behaviour. This process is essential for transaction monitoring and fraud prevention, and can be implemented as part of standard platform monitoring.

Access to banking data
Open Banking

Open market banking initiative which allows financial institutions to have visibility to customer data across other financial platforms. DPG offers personalized API based URL redirect for request for information (account details including balances and transactions).

Let’s Work Together

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