Issuer Processing

Our platform is certified to issue Mastercard Prepaid Debit cards. We are the system of record and ledger for cardholder data on behalf of the issuing bank. We process requests from Mastercard network against customer account (balance, limits, fees) to approve transaction.


Transaction Authorization
  • System to system – agile set of APIs allowing our client system to  send direct messages to our platform to perform activities on the  account (funding, funds transfer, status update and other)
  • Scheme transactions – we authorize on behalf of the issuer to connect to Mastercard network to perform card transactions (shops, ATM, online)


Ledger Management

We have full ledger management capability for e-money purposes. We store and track balances and transaction history on behalf of the client. We apply limits imposed by the issuer against customer account. Where requested we can also authorize against client ledger.


Clearing and Settlement

As part of overall transaction processing we provide all scheme mandated clearing and  settlement reporting and processing.



Suite of reports provided to the clients and issuers to reconcile their programs:

  • MIS reports
  • Data Feed – real time data
  • Bespoke client reporting
  • Regulator mandatory reporting

Let’s Work Together

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