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Founded in 2014, DPG is an Issuing Processor working with issuing banks to provide payment solutions to programme managers and market brands. Our in-house PCI DSS compliant platform is certified by Mastercard and Discover to issue prepaid and debit products. We are global company operating from Europe and the US.

Our culture is based on innovation, meaningful interactions, and delivery of modern and relevant technology. We empower our clients to be creative, maximise their potential, and stay ahead of the market.

We support a range of configurable and scalable products across several industries
General Spend Cards
Convinient and controlable alternative to your bank offering
Travel Cards
Multicurrency solutions with easy access to cash and budgeting tools
Government initiatives
Benefits, emergency payments, meal voucher replacement, fuel cards
Corporate solutions
Payroll, expenses, employee incentive, benefits & reward, insurance
Gift Cards
Single use and reloadable cards with loyalty options
Our Partners