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Money2020 2023: We loved it, learned from it, networked and we challenged

Money2020 2023: We loved it, learned from it, networked and we challenged

From the networking opportunities; learning about the new challenges modern businesses face; understanding the legacy issues that are yet to disappear – just too much to mention!! Wrapping up Money2020 Europe 2023 in a nutshell? Quite the challenge! But let’s dive into some key takeaways from Digital Payments Group’s perspective:

  • Business models are stealing the spotlight, while innovation takes a back seat.
  • Platforms and ecosystems are taking centre stage, overshadowing traditional partnerships.
  • Embedded finance is all the rage, with a focus on credit for consumer retail, education, and health, fintech and more…
  • Scaleups are making waves, even as startups continue to play their part.
  • Web3 and metaverse are gaining traction, but leaving AI open to question – where is the future of AI?
  • The future of financial intermediation is more of a hot topic than DeFi.
  • Blockchain, crypto, and CBDCs are carving out their niche in the financial landscape.
  • ESG and sustainability are in the limelight, capturing everyone’s attention.
  • Customer choice is abundant, but understanding customer needs within context could use some improvement.
  • Financial literacy is a significant talking point, though knowledge gaps still exist.
  • Trust in payments is mentioned frequently from both consumer and business perspectives, however, discussions on its definition, establishment, and evolution are scarce.
  • Collaborating with research academia remains an untapped potential.

As always, Money2020 offered a wealth of networking opportunities. Looking forward to the next one! Stay inspired!