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Making a relevant impact beyond payments

Making a relevant impact beyond payments

Though we’re small, Digital Payments Group is intent on making a relevant and positive impact beyond payments.

Our Head of Compliance, Jindrich Slaby, is at the helm of our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, turning promises into action by taking intentional steps.

Last month, we pledged to proactively address ESG concerns, and Jindra is ensuring that our 2024 resolutions translate into tangible contributions.

This quarter we begin with employee engagement and community outreach. Whether supporting local charities, or organising volunteer events, the team and our commercial partners will be invited to support several activities to make a positive difference in our respective communities. We’ll feedback shortly on the outcome.

In terms of governance, we’re equally focussed. Transparency and accountability are non-negotiable principles. We have also decided to address ethical business practices and the fair treatment of our team members, who are understandably the foundation of our operations. With this in mind, we have committed to a pathway of normalisation across our global regions – this means employee benefits and family work life balance will become normalised for all, considering some of the regional nuances.

So, while we might be a small fish in a vast ocean, we hope we’re demonstrating even the smallest businesses can be catalysts for change.

Follow along for more updates, fun, and positive change, as we prove that small actions lead to big impacts in the realm of ESG!