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Just returned from Fintech Connect, London

Just returned from Fintech Connect, London

We’ve just returned after a quick journey to the epicentre of the fintech revolution at FinTech Connect, Excel London! Our very own Chris Allen represented Digital Payments Group, and we’re pleased to  share some key takeaways from the event:

Danielle Treharne’s insights on creating a seamless customer experience while building trust were eye-opening. In a world where trust is paramount, her insights sparked new ideas within our team, after all “trust” is at the heart of what we do in payments.

Exploring the realms of tech and innovation to craft personalised customer journeys has always been our passion. The perspectives shared at Fintech Connect, especially in the context of payment journeys, have fuelled our excitement for the possibilities ahead.

Kate B’s presentation on embracing disruptive tech without disrupting the customer experience resonated deeply with us. Striking that delicate balance is an art, and we’re enthusiastic about weaving innovation seamlessly into our offerings.

The two-day event was a whirlwind of insights, networking, and insightful thinking.