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Insights from the CEO Roundtable Dinner

Insights from the CEO Roundtable Dinner

Exciting insights from the CEO Roundtable dinner hosted by The Payments Association, where Aleks Castanet had the privilege to participate.

We’re extremely grateful to Tony Craddock for hosting and Supreme Fintech for sponsoring this enriching event, focused on ‘How can Digital Banks and PSPs approach a rapidly expanding marketplace and evolve with industry partners?’

The discussions illuminated the importance of fostering closer relationships with our partners. Collaborative efforts are key to offering a seamless customer experience, combatting fraud, providing innovative solutions, and ensuring robust regional coverage. While regulations play a crucial role in safeguarding both providers and consumers, they sometimes pose challenges in sharing valuable customer data and behavioural insights.

In discussion, looking ahead to 2024, our predictions revolved around the transformative forces of web3, AI, and crypto. Anticipating a landscape marked by innovation, we also referenced foreseeing the necessity for adapting to stricter regulations.

Exciting times lie ahead for Digital Payments Group as we continue to navigate the dynamic terrain of payments for our customers and partners.

Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to play our part in redefining the future of payment processing!

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