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Digital Payments Group to Showcase Innovation at Money2020

Digital Payments Group to Showcase Innovation at Money2020

London – Digital Payments Group (DPG), a leading fintech company specialising in digital payment solutions, is set to attend Money2020, one of the industry’s most prestigious events. Digital Payments Group aims to network with top-tier peers, showcase their innovative products and services, and attract the brightest talent.

“Our goal at Money2020 is to highlight our expertise in integrating legacy systems with new technologies. As a go-to payments partner, our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with legacy systems using our orchestration layer. We are focused on providing smart, efficient solutions that drive success in this competitive landscape,” said Rob Appleby, CEO – Digital Payments Group.

From e-commerce brands that live and breathe transactions, to furiously fast FinTech’s, DPG serves businesses built on payments.  DPG’s scalable platform ensures speed to market, allowing clients to launch new services faster and focus on business-critical areas. Real-time data delivered by DPG’s solutions improve customer service, enabling quick reactions to change and risk reduction.

With agile consultancy and rapid partner connectivity, DPG orchestrates and delivers payment solutions from its platform. This approach ensures clients have the right products to start with and the adaptability to flex as their business needs evolve.

Payment reliability, scale and speed are essential.  “Our difference is the expertise that avoids processing pitfalls, the agility to adapt and the intelligence to spot your needs ahead of time,” said Stewart Sime, CTO, Digital Payments Group.

The payment ecosystem can be complex, with challenges ranging from tokenisation to FX. DPG provides deep knowledge and flexible technology to help customers drive payment performance, saving them time and resources.

DPG’s orchestration layer connects clients with leading organisations, streamlining product launches and ensuring compliance. The company takes pride in its reliable platform built on trust and innovation.

We’re looking forward to engaging in thought-provoking conversation.  The team will be on hand to explore AI, blockchain technologies, digital payments, cybersecurity, data privacy,  sustainable finance and ESG.

About Digital Payments Group: Founded in 2014, Digital Payments Group (DPG) is a market-leading Payments Issuing Processor. Operating out of the UK, Europe and the US, DPG specialises in providing Prepaid and Debit products to a global client base. DPG is a certified partner of Mastercard and Diners Club International, and as a trusted partner for the payment schemes and issuing banks, offers market brands and Fintechs, a comprehensive, reliable, and secure payments solution for end users. With a consultative approach and commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, combined with a dedication to staying ahead of industry trends, DPG is the ideal partner for any organisation looking for a proven payments solution provider. For a customised solution, tailored to specific needs or to discuss virtual cards, mobile wallet acceptance and more, visit: